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A smoked salmon on a ceramic grill PRIMO SMOKED SALMON
Smoked salmon on a cracker with cheese PRIMO SMOKED SALMON WITH CHIVE CREAM SAUCE & DILL
Two Rock Fish halves in a batter filled dish BUTTER POACHED ROCKFISH
Seasoned soft crabs PRIMO GRILLED SOFT CRABS
Steaks and Lobster Tails on a flame grill PRIMO GRILLED LOBSTER TAILS & FILET MIGNON
Christmas Oysters with green and red fillings GRILLED OYSTERS ON THE PRIMO
A crab filled glass of soup FIRE ROASTED GAZPACHO WITH LUMB CRAB
Oyesters stuffed with cheese and other fillings on a grill PRIMO GRILLED OYSTERS
Soft crabs in a pan that is on a grill PAN FRIED SOFT CRABS
Grilled shrimp in a large pile PRIMO GRILLED SHRIMP