Primo Grilled Bourbon Rub Mint Sliders

Primo Grilled Bourbon Whiskey Rubbed Hamburger Sliders with Mint Aioli and Cucumbers are perfect for a Kentucky Derby party or any night of the week!

Start by making the Mint Aioli. Use a simple combination of 1 cup mayo, a bunch of mint, juice of 1 lemon, a few cloves of garlic, and salt and pepper. Blend together – we recommend using a hand held immersion blender.

Next, form your sliders.  We mixed 4lbs of ground chuck with 1/4 cup of Primo’s Bourbon Whiskey Twist Rub.  If you don’t have this rub add a tablespoon per pound of your favorite bourbon to the mix with a healthy dose of salt and cracked pepper

Grill until 130 internal temp – a Thermapen is the perfect tool here.

Put the sliders together – use the Mint Aioli with a few slices of fresh cucumber and chopped mint.