Primo Grill Reviews

Looking for Primo grill reviews or to compare the Primo Grill to the Big Green Egg?  We’ve gathered some great 3rd party insight from across the web here for you.

Perhaps the best review and compelling reason why the Primo is the superior choice vs any round grill, including the Big Green Egg, comes from  This website is an endless resource of BBQ information including grill & product reviews and the science behind cooking amazing BBQ.  The review, written by “the BBQ Whisperer” Meathead Goldwyn, speaks to the virtues of ceramic, egg, & kamado style cookers then talks more specifically about the “advantages of the oval shaped kamado and the problems of round kamados.”  It is here that the review sings the praises of Primo’s oval shape and two zone ability vs the Big Green Egg’s round shape.

The review highlights some key points-  “You can cook some wonderful things on round kamados, but your flexibility and capability is severely limited” and also a memo to Big Green Egg owners “Now a memo to Eggheads (the affectionate nickname for the devoted loving fanatical owners of Big Green Eggs, one of the first modern kamados and by far the most popular): Please do not take this criticism as a swipe at your good taste. Look at the top of this page to see how much I love kamados. I know you really love your Egg, and I love mine too (I have an XL). But I’m here to tell you, if you had a grill that could really do two zones, you would see why it is so important. So please try to read my criticism with some objectivity before you call me names. Keep in mind Max and I have cooked on scores of devices and we tested the Egg and the Primo side by side.”

The conclusion is clear- “…if you really want to take your grilling skills to the highest level, then you need to master 2-zone cooking and get a Primo Oval…”  Read the full review here

Another incredibly comprehensive Primo review worth reading was complied by, a great website with a wealth of information on lump charcoal and ceramic cookers.  The Naked Whiz review takes you all the way through unpacking a new Primo Oval 400, assembling a cart, and of course cooking on it.  The review also spends a great deal of detail and time on Primo components and accessories.  Read the full review here