Primo Roast Beef

Utilizing the Primo as a ceramic oven makes it easy to roast beef.  Contingent on the size of the cut you could choose to roast it indirectly, or use the reverse sear method for smaller pieces.  You can certainly choose to use more expensive cuts – here we did an Eye Round Roast over indirect heat with both d plates in place.

Start by trimming as much fat as you like. Next, prepare a brine (1/2 cup salt per gallon of water) and brine the beef 12-24 hours.  When ready, prepare the Primo for roasting.  As mentioned above, for smaller pieces you could leave one d plate out if you wanted to finish it with a sear.  For larger pieces like this, we would recommend using both plates and roasting it.

We rubbed the roast in some Dijon mustard and then Primo’s Bourbon Whiskey Twist Rub.   Salt, pepper, herbs, garlic, and your favorite rub would work here as well.   Target a roasting temp of 300.  We used the ThermaQ Blue to monitor the pit and meat temps.  This handy device connects to your phone via Bluetooth and utilizes a great app for graphs and monitoring.  Great for spots with no wifi.

Target an internal temp of 130 for medium rare.

Let it rest for at least 15 minutes and then slice and serve if ready.

Sliced Primo Roast Beef

We choose to put the beef in the fridge for a few hours to cool it down then sliced it thinly (a meat slicer is a helpful tool here)

We served the beef as an appetizer on Triscuits with a Horseradish Creme Fraiche sauce and chives.

For the sauce simply combine an 8 oz container of Creme Fraiche with 2 tablespoons (or to taste) of prepared horseradish.   Add a few tablespoons of chopped chives to the sauce and reserve more to sprinkle on top.