Primo Smoked Ribs

Sometimes simple is the best way to go.  For smoking spare ribs on a Primo, this is as simple as it gets.  Salt. Pepper. Smoke.

Buy or trim spare ribs St. Louis style. Remove membrane from back of ribs. Rub liberally (1/4 cup per rack) with mixture of kosher salt and cracked black pepper. Prepare your Primo for smoking.

Target a smoking temp of 235 to 250. For these we used Texas Post Oak Chunks from Fruit-a-Wood.

Use the Flame Boss controller if you want to put your Primo on cruise control (or need to step away)

Smoke for 3 hours or so until the internal temp hits 170-175.  A Thermapen is the perfect tool here.

Wrap ribs in foil and let them go for another hour or so until the internal temp is around 195.  You could choose to add bbq sauce, honey, butter, apple juice etc but we kept it simple and didn’t add a thing.  When you unwrap them you will have a nice puddle of rendered fat you can glaze the ribs with if you choose.

Let the ribs rest for 20 to 30 minutes in the foil. You could choose to wrap them in a towel and stick them in a warm cooler. They will stay hot for hours.

Looking good

Just the salt, pepper, and smoke form a beautiful bark.  We glazed the rendered fat from the foil pouch on top.

Not a bad bite here

Primo Smoked Spare Ribs

For those looking for more we detail a competition style method of ribs here.